Advanced battery and drive systems

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EAS has been supplying large format, lithium iron phosphate battery systems and AC drive systems, world-wide, since 2007. We specialize in LiFePo4 batteries, battery management systems (BMS) and charging solutions. 


EAS Has experience in the following areas:

LiFePo4 lithium phosphate battery systems, Lithium battery Canada, Lifep04 battery Canada,  LFP battery systems Canada, LiFePo4 lithium phosphate marine batteries, Lithium phosphate deep cycle house batteries for Yachts, Lithium Ion powered electric sailboats, lithium Ion coach battery for RV, battery electric sports car, 100% electric beer truck, electric hot rod, electric truck, electric aircraft, lithium battery powered electric tractors,  large portable 3D Movie Cameras,HD camera and sound equipment battery for film and TV, student electric vehicle projects, robotics, off grid home energy storage, grid tie energy storage. telecommunication backup power, ocean buoys, lithium phosphate battery powered electric boats, portable energy storage, stand-by power systems, lithium phosphate battery for aerospace, UPS lithium phosphate battery back-up, emergency power systems, lithium ion battery powered ATV's, Victoria Canada lithium batteries.