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Electric Hot Rod drive system

SKU: Electric Hotrod kit

High output Electric Hot Rod package

Above:Steamwhistle Hotrod showin off

Above: OCTOPOD lithium battery Module (12 included for a nominal voltage of 307V and 160AH). Converting a vehicle from gas to electric can be a daunting task and safely mounting batteries into a vehicle is often the most challenging part of the conversion. The OCTOPOD battery module is not just a pretty box with batteries inside. It is a completely sealed, welded steel battery enclosure with mounting brackets and mounting rails. Simply bolt the mounting rack to the vehicle (preferably to the frame) then fasten the box rails to the mounting rack using 6 bolts. The mounting rack contains threaded inserts so there is no need to access the box rails from below. After the OCTOPOD is secured simply plug in the high voltage and BMS connectors and the battery is installed.

Above: Air actuated heavy duty transmission with Motor attached


  • North American Made 14.5" AC Motor and programable digital motor  controller 
  • 60amp DC-DC converter for 12 volt supply
  • Electric Power steering system
  • Electric Vacume brake system
  • Fluid heater and pump for cabin heat
  • Full Wire harness with switch panel and gages
  • 12 x OCTOPOD160 battery modules with built in equalization and high/low voltage protection.
  • 4000w lithium quick charger
  • 2 speed EV racing transmission rated for up to 1400 foot pounds!

This conversion package can make your Hotrod or Muscle car a clean, mean machine! You won't miss the rumbling V8 after you feel the instant torque of this quiet, super powerful electric drive system. This package is completely customizable for many vehicles so please contact us for your specific requirements for performance, range and .  It takes 45 days for us to put one of these packages together and ship it to you.

Our conversion systems are completely wired, tested and then disassembled before shipping. All wires are labled and wire instructions and schematics are included. We also work closely with mechanical engineers and fabricators if you require custom mounting components or adapters.

Price: USD75,000.00